What He wants you to know

The following notes were taken during a Sunday morning service at the Friendswood Community Church in Friendswood, TX on January 15, 2012. As they are notes, they may not be exactly as spoken. CDs of the actual service are available from the church.

Do Not assume he is like every other man

--Especially her father or brothers

--Don't try to change him

--Accept him as he is; Not what you want him to be

Longs for his Wife's respect

--Wife Needs to brag on him

--Eph 5 states Man is to love his wife, but Wife is to respect her husband

--She can build him up or tear him down

He sees providing for his family as his job

--Goes to work for his wife

--It is his key love language

--If you want more than he can give, telling him he's not measuring up
--It tells him he's not good enough

--Wife can also do that by overspending

He cannot read your mind

--Communicate what you want; Don't leave him guessing

--Tell him what you are feeling

Physical intimacy fills a powerful emotional need in his life It touches every part of his life

--His woman is special--chosen by him

--If he perceives Physical intimacy as a duty, sends the wrong message

--Needs to feel his wife is the only one for him

--If woman works, save some energy for him

--He wants to come home to a safe, friendly environment

Let him lead

--Marriage is not a 50/50 effort

--Wife should believe her man has her best interest at heart

--Be slow to speak

--Let him grow

Copyright 2012 G. Louis Murphy