Wenger SWIBO Kitchen Cutlery is made in Switzerland is available again

Wenger kitchen cutlery is being discontinued. Swiss Army owns both Wenger and Victorinox is going to be using the Wenger facilities to produce Victorinox products. Wenger kitchen cutlery will no longer be manufactured.

I have no more. SORRY updated 10/26/15

The Victorinox line is similar but does not have the exact configuration as does the Wenger. The Wenger utility knives were a little over 5 in(blade length) while there are a couple of the Victorinox knievs that are similar, but are either a 4 or 4 1/2 in blade length. Victorinox also has boning and skinning knives that are very similar to the Wenger SWIOBs, but are a little different in length.

While the Wengers-most of the SWIBOs had orange handles, most of the Victorinox come in black with some in red and white. If you are missing the Wengers and still want a quality knife at a reasonable price, contact me and I'll provide picture and prices.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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